Open Ocean Farming

Bringing the salmon back to its natural habitat – the fresh, crisp and roaring ocean

Submerged farming… ...sustainable growth

  • Submerged into the depths of the open ocean, the salmon is in its natural habitat, away from sea lice and toxic algeas

    Unused nutrients do not accumulate in offshore areas. It increases the biodiversity and promotes the capturing of CO2

  • Ocean farms, close to the consumer markets, provide short-travelled, healthy, food to a growing population

  • Our Open Ocean Submersible Cage is built locally and operated based on renewable energy»

An ocean of opportunities

Below the the warm surface waters there are vast ocean areas with perfect growth conditions for salmon

Upwelling currents bring cold water from the ocean depths to the continental shelf

Our submerged farming technology enables optimal placement of the salmon into these cold water bodies
Open Ocean Farming has developed a global database with biological, physical and meteocean data to identify prospective locations worldwide


Open Ocean Submersible Cage

…offering the best growth conditions possible 

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Single point moored, disconnectable, winch operated, submerged cage technology

Keeps the salmon at the optimal temperature level and ocean conditions, away from sea lice and toxic algeas

Allows fish transfer and harvesting operations in rough weather conditions, without surfacing the cage.

Easy maintainance of cage on-shore

Cage structural elements built and assembled locally

Very competitive investment costs

Open Ocean Farm System

…robust, scalable and cost effective - combining the best from aquaculture and offshore technologies

Open Ocean Sumberged Cages, connected to central feed platform via umbilicals

Feed platform and umbilicals based on proven oil&gas offshore designs

Farm system normally unmanned, controlled and operated from shore

Scalable and stepwise developement and implementation


Open Ocean Submersible Cage

Areas of Application

Existing farms

Avoid exposure to sea lice and toxic algaes by free positioning of cage in the water column. No need for surfacing of cage during fish load-out or harvesting

More exposed

Expansion of production into more exposed areas within existing production regions. No need for large, complex steel structures

Open Ocean

Open new production regions offshore with favourable sub-surface temperatures and close to the consumer markets

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Dr. Karl Strømsem

Co-Founder and 
 Chairman of the Board
Contact: + 47 908 50 694
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MSc. Paal Hylin

Co-Founder and 
Managing Director
Contact: + 47 905 16 702
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MSc. Morten Lyssand

Co-Founder and 
Technical Director 
Contact: + 47 453 90 964