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Open Ocean Farming is a next generation aquaculture company, focusing on the farming of salmon and trout in the open oceans, away from congested coastal areas and where the growth conditions are ideal.

We are targeting ocean areas close to the large consumer markets, which ensures fresh deliveries and reduces the carbon footprint caused by long transportation.


An Ocean of Opportunities (i.e. “The Project”)


Submerged into the depths of the open ocean, the salmon is in its natural habitat, away from sea lice and toxic algeas.

Unused nutrients do not accumulate in offshore areas, it increases the biodiversity and promotes the capturing of CO2.

Ocean farms, close to the consumer markets, provide short-travelled, healthy, food to a growing population.

Our Open Ocean Submersible Cage is built locally and operated based on renewable energy.


Areas of Application

The advantage of using a submersible cage compared to traditional floating frames is to significantly decrease the risk of biomass loss and, consequently, the potential for high economic loss. Furthermore, recent factual evidence on sea-lice attack protection and algae blooms points to prevention with a deeper net installation. This extends the application of submersible cages.

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Existing Farms

Avoid exposure to sea lice and toxic algaes by free positioning of cage in the water column. No need for surfacing of cage during fish load-out.

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Exposed Areas

Expansion of production into more exposed areas within existing production regions. No need for large, complex steel structures.

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Open Ocean

Open new production regions offshore with favourable sub-surface temperatures and close to the consumer markets.

Co-locating with offshore wind

Combination-farming improves spatial use and reduces areal conflicts. SubFarm’s distributed cage system allows for integrated aquaculture farms inside perimeter of offshore wind farms.


Management Team

Karl Stromsen

Founder & CoB

PhD Hydrodynamics, 25 years + in O&G, energy and aquaculture industries (incl Lerøy, since 2012). Serial entrepreneur, including with exit to PE fund. Main career in Europe and UK, managed several EU funded R&D and Innovation projects. Short period in the Norwegian Government with Innovation and export on cleantech and energy

Paal Hylin

Founder & CEO

MSc, Industrial Economics, Norway, Master of Energy Economics , IFP Paris 25 years + in O&G industry holding CEO, COO positions in 250 mill USD turnover companies with 600+ employees, 5 years as entrepreneur and founder of start-up within maritime and aquaculture industries

Morten Jantzen Lyssand

Founder & CTO

MSc, Nautical Science, Norway. 20 years in O&G, risk management and aquaculture industries. Head of Global Maritime, Oslo, developing company’s aquaculture branch. Specialist within marine operations, project and risk management

Brit Hjeltness

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Scient Fish Vaccinology and Bacteriology, Former Deputy Director of Fish and Shellfish at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) and Research Director in Fish Health at Institute of Marine Research (IMR). Professor in fish health at University of Tromsø and having taught fish health at University of Bergen, University of Dacca, Bangladesh and University of Nha Thrang, Vietnam

Active Shareholders

Freddy Knutsen

Owner, RTS

Odd Kare Oygarden

Owner, RTS

Gunnar Carlson
Owner, Sea Technology

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